Asiaway's Global Layout Milestone——Asiaway Mexico Phase I Opening and Phase II Investment Announcement

Detailed introduction

Asiaway-Mexico, an Asiaway subsidiary is in San Luis Potosi.The first phase of Asiaway-Mexico officially opened on June 19, 2023.


Phase I construction has been completed. The total land area is 43,801㎡ and the total production area is 22,812㎡. Twenty-one 250T-4,500T die casting machines, and 78 machining centers will be installed, which will form a complete production process of melting, die-casting, machining, post-treatment, surface treatment. 


On the opening day, we enthusiastically celebrate the successful completion of the first piece of product at Asiaway Mexico. This is a new starting point for Asiaway Mexico and a milestone in the global layout of Asiaway Group.


Mr. Rex Wang - CEO of Asiaway Group, Mr. Manuel Madrigal - Vice President of Asiaway Group and General Manager of Asiaway Mexico, Mr. Eric Wang - Vice President of Asiaway Group, Nexteer Automotive Strategic Procurement Manager, SMR senior management team, ZF representatives, Eaton, Celestica, Robert Bosch, Jabil and other representative teams of famous enterprises in the automotive industry, as well as Mr. Jos é Ricardo Gallardo Cardona - Constitutional Governor of San Luis Potosí, Mr. Juan Carlos Valladares Eichelmann - Minister of Economic Development jointly attended this celebration to witness this important moment.

Asiaway is one of the only companies in the world that has the die casting technology with know-how to produce and commercialize “Giga” castings larger than 50 Kilograms for our global customers.  We are real leaders in this Giga casting market segment.



While the first phase of Asiaway Mexico was successfully put into operation, the construction of the second phase has started.We purchased 230,853㎡ of land. The total factory area will be 137,540 ㎡ inside this land. The second phase expansion will proceed in three stages. In the first stage, 60,000㎡ of construction will be completed in 2024. The first stage will install 14 DCM’s, which includes: 1 (7200T), 1 (12000T), and 14 (1250T to 5000T) DCM’s. Additionally, 104 machining centers will be installed.

The total investment of Phase 2 is expected to be 300 million US dollars, with over 1,700 new positions added. After completion and operation, approximately 800 million US dollars in annual sales to Asiway Mexico will be brought in.


The production of the Asiaway Mexico symbolizes the acceleration of Asiaway's global layout. Let's congratulate Asiaway Mexico on its successful opening! Wishing Asiaway great success in the North American market in the future!

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